Join the program to give your employees a benefit they actually want.

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Join the program to give your employees a benefit they actually want.

Let HomeDay give $4,000 to your employees*

The benefits vary and $4,000 is the average rebate provide to HomeDay clients

Why HomeDay?

  • Employees who own a home are more likely to stay with their employer long term.

  • 30% of job seekers said they were likely to move for an employer with home purchase assistance.

  • Neither the company or the employee pay anything for this benefit (100% FREE).

  • Employees save thousands while you get all the credit.

  • Employee retention will consistently be a huge problem for companies.

Info About HomeDay

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What does the employer have to do?

Look, we know you are busy running a company and benefits programs all require you to manage and push them on your employees.

Who We Are

No cost

We don't charge you as an employer to provide this benefit. In fact, we don't make a dime until your employees buy their home!

Human Support

We provide home buying classes, 1-on-1 consults as well as THOUSANDS of dollars towards closing costs.

All States

We have teams across the country to make sure your employees are covered, no matter where they work and live.

Advanced Tech

While we have humans available, we also have the latest technology to make sure that the process is seamless.

Let HomeDay give $4,000 to your employees*

What We Do


Employees who own their homes are more likely to stay with their employers.


Talent exists everywhere, but the one you need may not be where you need them.


Being an employer of choice constantly requires a bigger ask and that usually requires more budget.

Financial Wellness

Employees who own their homes are more productive day to day because they are more secure.

Explore HomeDay

We automated the employee experience so they can get all of the information they need and schedule their own services within your company branded page.

If you’d like more information about our program, get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! We act as the mortgage broker and licensed guide during the process, and we get paid by the people who front the money for mortgage loans. Since they are paying us, you don’t have to!

Part of the benefit comes from the mortgage lender who puts their money up to cover your fees. On top of that, as long as you choose one of the Real Estate Agents on our platform you will receive a rebate from their commission that also covers your costs. We have them do this instead of paying us so you win with no cost!

Clients who fully utilize the HomeDay benefit on average receive $4,000 depending on their purchase price and partners they choose. Many times, the benefit is much more!
HomeDay acts as an unbiased guide to the home buying process. Not only do we source you partners who give back some of their commission, but we also work with you before and after your purchase to prepare and equip you for life as a homeowner! HomeDay is your homebuying Sherpa and makes sure you are prepared for everything and anything that comes up for your specific journey.
Jenna K.
Jenna K.

"I wish I got this benefit last year when I bought my house"

Tiffany C.
Tiffany C.

"I could not have purchased a home without HomeDay"

Jimmy C.
Jimmy C.

"I had never heard of this benefit before. Every employer should be offering this"

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